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Olidya Organic Olive Oil

Olidya Organic

Olive Oil

Olidya, a unique treasure from the fertile lands of Lydia Valley and carried from ancient times to the present day…

From Lydia Valley…

In ancient times, civilizations were established only on fertile lands. Because the human population was few and the land was abundant. Like the Lydians who took to the stage of history in the 7th century BC.

The greatest treasure of the Lydians… Olive oil.

What distinguishes Olidya Organic Olive Oil from other olive oils is a rare geographical feature. The extra flavor of the unique sea air of the Aegean, blowing from a natural strait formed by the geographical structure of the mountains rising perpendicular to the sea, meets the fertile soil in Lydia Valley.

 A Rare Delicacy …

Words are not enough to describe Olidya Organic Olive Oil with its distinctive aromas and flavors from Lydia Valley. It’s taste will take you by surprise at first but as it travels through your palate you will be fascinated. And only your palate can tell you that.

Quality Management

Olidya is a brand of organic extra virgin olive oil obtained by boutique production from the lands where olive oil has been produced since ancient times.

It takes its Quality from boutique production methods…

Olidya Organic Olive Oil is obtained by pressing olives collected from 12,000 olive trees on 500 acres of private land estate, planted in 2001 and grown with care.

It takes its Naturalness from organic olive groves …

Our olive trees have been cultivated under the ICEA and ORSER Organic Agriculture Certificate since 2011. Our olive groves are irrigated only as much as they need with the environmentally friendly drip method that protects nature.

It takes its Reliability from the facility it is produced…

Since 2013, Our olive oil has been produced in a 1000 m2 high-tech production facility. In order to achieve the best quality, only mechanical extraction methods are used.

It takes its Flavour from the pressing method…

n the harvest months of October and November olives are hand picked according to the maturity stage of the olives. The collected olives are pressed within a maximum of 4 hours. The temperature of the whole extraction process does not exceed 28°C, which is called cold pressing. Once extracted olive oil is stored in chrome tanks without contact with light, heat and air.

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